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In Touch with iOS, is a podcast that talks about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and he is joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Oct 10, 2018

037 Special Guest Allison Sheridan from Nosillacast Podcast - iOS 12 Tips and Apple Watch Fitness

Special guest Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast Podcast is joining Dave Ginsburg to discuss How the Apple Watch Series 4 has helped her even more with fitness.

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Apple Releasing iOS 12.0.1 With Fixes for Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Bug, Lightning Charging Issue- Macrumors

Some Apple Watch Series 4 Models Caught in Reboot Loop Due to Daylight Saving Time Bug  MacRumors


Apple Watch - Allison and I both have the new Series 4 and we discussed what we like and dislike. Also, the new fitness features do you use them and are they beneficial. Features discussed include

  • BATTERY!!! 40% left at the end of the day after 2 workouts. I was getting a low battery warning around 6/7 pm
  • Workout updates
    • Start and stop workouts
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Activity Competitions
    • In my first one!
  • Advanced Running Features
  • Speed
    • Things launch quickly but my favorite is hitting done on a workout when I want to start the new one
  • Heart rate doesn't lose track for Steve, and Lindsay gets full exercise credit on walks now
  • Fall detection - why I turned it on - I fall a LOT
  • Series 4 Apple Watch: How Much Different Is It in Size to Series 3? -

iOS Tips

  • Group Notifications by App - Swipe left and easily get to the settings
  • Temporarily disable notifications
  • Hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget enabled
  • Turn on Flashlight with Siri. You can do that now.
  • Enable Favicons in Safari Allison any tips you would like to share?
    • Print to PDF from an email on iOS
    • Tiny Tip - Mark Up Emails on iPad or iPhone without a 3rd Party App


We get Allison’s take on the new iPhone Xs and what she thinks of hers so far.  We love the camera!

Siri Shortcuts and Shortcuts 

Allison has some opinions on the use of the use of shortcuts and Siri shortcuts we had a discussion about this and some tips on what you would want to do with them.

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