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In Touch with iOS, is a podcast that talks about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and he is joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Dec 13, 2018

iPhone and iPad Photography  with Guest Frederick Van Johnson

This week's guest is Frederick Van Johnson podcaster, host of This week in Photo (TWIP) and pro photographer. The topic this week is iOS, iPhone photography and we have some great items to discuss including  how to utilize the iPhone or iPad to take great pictures. Apps including Affinity photo, Snapseed, and more.  Add discussions on the latest news, some great apps and gear picks this is an episode not to miss.

Full show notes are at

Direct Link to Audio


Public beta of iOS 12.2.2 and others released

An Apple Watch told a 46-year-old man he had an irregular heartbeat. It was right.


As for every first time guest of the shop. Dave asks what iOS gear is in Frederick Van Johnson’s bag

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop. Photoshop will be coming to the iPad next year but Affinity Photo has been on the iPad for a while is it a worthy replacement?

There are many photography apps have you used them and if so are your thoughts?

Here is the list we reviewed.

Apple Clips

Apple Photos


Camera + iOS








Online Photo storage what are your favorite ones?


Google Photos

iCloud Photo Library


Gear Picks

Glif iPhone Tripod mount

Joby Gorillapods

Apple Silicon Case for iPhone

iPad Keyboard (iPad Pro 2018)

About our guest:

Frederick Van Johnson @frederickvan is the host of TWIP (This week in Photo). He is a professional podcaster and photographer.

He has courses at the TWIP School  on different topics by photographers.

Check out his course on iOS Photography:

TWiP PRO Course on iOS Photography… POCKETSHOOTERS