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In Touch with iOS, is a podcast that talks about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and he is joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Feb 4, 2023

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave is joined by guests Kelly Guimont and Guy Serle. We have some tips this week including how to track a flight in iMessage and tipping with the Apple Watch calculator. Apple Q1 23 results they made money but didn't hit predictions. MLS on Apple TV is available. Kelly with a network fix and tip on Apple TV. Dave explores cord cutting and fails. Plus more topics. 

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Apple still made money. Apple Reports 1Q 2023 Results: $30.0B Profit on $117.2B Revenue Amid 'Challenging Environment' 

Apple results and charts: $117.2B quarter is still a step back 

iPhone: $65.78 billion (vs. $71.63 billion)

Mac: $7.74 billion (vs. $10.85 billion)

iPad: $9.40 billion (vs. $7.25 billion)

Wearables, home, and accessories: $13.48 billion (vs. $14.70 billion)

Services: $20.78 billion (vs. $19.5 billion)

Tim Cook comments on Quarter

Apple Pay Later ‘launching soon’ according to Tim Cook

Tim Cook on the possibility of Apple layoffs: 'A last resort kind of thing'

Tim Cook confirms Q1 iPhone revenue would have grown if not for supply issues

Apple Watch attracted a record number of first-time buyers in Q1 2023

Apple hits milestone of 2 billion active devices as Services set new revenue record

More News

How Apple Music is taking over its first Super Bowl Halftime Show

Passenger sees his lost wallet fly to different cities thanks to AirTag after airline says it couldn't find it

MLS Season Pass launches on Apple TV app ahead of soccer season start



Apple Preparing iOS 16.3.1 Update for iPhone as Wait for iOS 16.4 Beta Continues

Beta this week. When Will the iOS 16.4 Beta Be Released?

Lets talk about some of the HomePod reviews and our thoughts. New HomePod Reviews Offer Hands-On Look at Sound Quality, Siri, and More and there is a ring \New HomePod Can Still Stain Some Wooden Surfaces

Apple TV topics. 

Also, this is a vexing thing that Kelly finally resolved: How to Disable Auto-Playing Video Previews on Apple TV

Kelly's Apple TV detects the network all the time now! 

Dave continues to explore cord cutting without any real success. We discuss the gaps between the channels that are offered and services that do or do not have them. and are good places to go. 


How to Track a Flight on Your iPhone

How to Use Your Apple Watch to Split the Bill and Calculate Tips

We answered a question for listener N2Tech: Why do some cell services not support the Apple Watch? Is there a technical reason? AA Many of the NVMO 


Notability for iPad adds new ‘Pencil’ feature for a ‘lifelike handwriting experience’

Our Host

Dave Ginsburg is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users and shares his wealth of knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Visit the YouTube channel follow him on Mastadon @daveg65

Twitter @daveg65.and the show @intouchwithios

Our Regular Contributors

Jeff Gamet is a podcaster, technology blogger, artist, and author. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s managing editor, and Smile’s TextExpander Evangelist. You can find him on Mastadon @jgamet as well as Twitter and Instagram as @jgamet  His YouTube channel

About our Guest

Kelly Guimont is a podcaster and friend of the Rebel Alliance. She appears on The Incomparable network as well as hosts I Want My M(CU) TV. You can also hear her on The Aftershow with Mike Rose you can find her on Mastodon @verso

Guy Serle Is the host of the MyMac Podcast email @MacParrot and @VertShark on Twitter,  Vertshark on YouTube, Skype +1 Area code  703-436-9501