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In Touch with iOS, is a podcast that talks about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and he is joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Oct 7, 2023

The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave he is joined by guests Kelly Guimont, Holden DePardo, and Jeff Gamet. We talk about the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and how you can use shortcuts for multi functions. Steve Jobs passed 12 years ago. iOS 17.0.3 fixes iPhone 15 overheating. Dave reviews Apple Watch Series 9 and watch OS 10. Holden gives us his thoughts on his new iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

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Remembering Steve Jobs, Who Passed Away 12 Years Ago Today Kelly wrote this about Steve. Remembering Steve Jobs: TUAW looks back

Original Apple Watch is Now Obsolete, Including $17,000 Gold Model 

This happened this week. Your iPhone will make a 'special sound' on Oct 4–here's why and FEMA Wireless Emergency Alert: What you need to know


Apple Releases iOS 17.0.3 With Fix for iPhone 15 Pro Overheating

iOS 17.0.3 IncludesiOS 17.0.3 Includes Several Enterprise-Related Bug Fixes - Several Enterprise-Related Bug Fixes 

Downgrading an iPhone From iOS 17 to iOS 16 is No Longer Possible 

Beta this week. 

watchOS 10.1 Beta 2 Adds Support for Double Tap

Apple Seeds Second Betas of iOS 17.1 and iPadOS 17.1 to Developers

Everything New in iOS 17.1 Beta 2

Apple investigating after users claim iOS 17 reset privacy settings 

Apple TV’s new ‘Enhance Dialogue’ feature expands to original HomePod and HomePod mini with tvOS 17.1

Apple Watch Discussion Dave has the Series 9 and gives impressions 

Apple Watch Series 9 Buyer's Guide: How Incremental Upgrades Stack Up Over the Years

22 New Features You May Have Missed in watchOS 10

Our guest Holden has the iPhone 15 Pro Max and gives his experiences so far. 

iPhone 15 Pro has the Action button. We discuss what you can program it to as well as using shortcuts button tools and talk about other shortcuts. 

How to Get the Most Out of the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button

iPhone 15 Pro: How to double the power of the new Action button 

Introducing MultiButton: Assign Two Shortcuts to the Same Action Button Press on iPhone 15 Pro - MacStories


Macstock 7 2023 Digital Pass is now available. Relive the conference as you can Purchase a virtual pass to see the talks that many of our regular guests and contributors did including Dave, Brittany, Chuck, and Jeff. 

Our Host

Dave Ginsburg is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users and shares his wealth of knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Visit the YouTube channel follow him on Mastadon @daveg65

Twitter @daveg65.and the show @intouchwithios


Our Regular Contributors

Jeff Gamet is a podcaster, technology blogger, artist, and author. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s managing editor, and Smile’s TextExpander Evangelist. You can find him on Mastadon @jgamet and Instagram His YouTube channel

Ben Roethig Former Associate Editor of GeekBeat.TV and host of the Tech Hangout and Deconstruct with Patrice  Mac user since the mid 90s. Tech support specialist. Twitter @benroethig  Website:

About our Guests

Kelly Guimont is a podcaster and friend of the Rebel Alliance. She appears on The Incomparable network as well as hosts I Want My M(CU) TV. you can find her on Mastodon and Instagram @verso

Holden DePardo studies computer science and is on X @holdendepardo