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In Touch with iOS, is a podcast that talks about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies. Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and he is joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Jul 3, 2020

The latest In Touch With iOS this special episode Dave interviews Joe Kissell from Take Control Books. We devote the show debating if the iPad could be Joe’s full time device and where the limitations are in his workflow. 

The show notes are at

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Dave has a lively conversation with Joe Kissell to find out if an iPad could be his full time device and could he set his Mac aside. A few things that are reviewed including:

  • Size - what would work best for his work
  • Keyboard - you do need a keyboard especially if you are writing. 
  • File Management - does the new Files App meet the needs
  • External Storage is a big plus now that iPad Pro has USB-C port

His workflow includes many of these programs and could he be without them. He also uses quite a few automation scripts could iOS Shortcuts work for him?

Here are some items he uses. 

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About Our Guest

Joe Kissell is the publisher of  Take Control ebooks, as well as the author of over 60 books on a wide variety of tech topics. Keep up with him if you can on his personal site,, and on Twitter.